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Online Travel Agent choose Tripudio

Canadian travel experts BuyMyTrip is a fast growing online travel company with a dedicated team with over 30 years experience in travel and an impressive portfolio of hotels and airlines. If you hadn’t noticed already, Tripudio know a thing or two about serving the ...

Asthma Pump User - Asthma UK

Tripudio Breath new Life into Asthma UK’s Phone System

Asthma UK are a large UK based charity who date back to 1927. Asthma UK are focused around the goal of reducing Asthma attacks through their funding of world leading research. Asthma UK are dedicated to supporting people with asthma to reduce their risk of a potentially ...


Weight Watchers make a New Year’s Resolution: Cheaper Calls for Customers

Weight Watchers are a globally recognised household name and are one of the largest (no pun intended) players in weight loss management and support, nutrition and healthy eating....

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Registering with PhonePayPlus & setting up a Premium Rate Service

In some situations businesses may wish to use a Revenue Generative, or ‘Premium Rate’ telephone number to earn revenue from calls in return for offering a specialist helpline, for example: technical support, directory enquiry or voting lines. Typically, consumers can... Webpage Screenshot

Tripudio Assist Yepme Expansion into USA

Tripudio have recently assisted, one of India’s leading Online Fashion brands in their international expansion into USA....


Calling a contact centre in times of an emergency

We often preach about the value of one-to-one communication, i.e. the voice channel, when customers need to speak to a...


Tripudio opens new office in Barcelona

Tripudio are pleased to announce the opening of their new office in central Barcelona, Spain to accommodate our expanding workforce....


Customer Service: Social Media vs Telephone Support

In today’s evolving marketplace we have become so brainwashed into using new technology and social media to interact with our customers that we may have lost sight of how significant traditional telephone support is for trade. Customer service through the voice channe...


Telephone Support is Consumers’ No.1 Customer Service Channel

One would safely assume that in our modern world of multichannel customer support, aided via the means of social media, email or web self-service etc., the old method of voice communication, i.e. ‘the old school telephone conversation’ had died a death. Well folks, y...


0300 Numbers Explained – Video

Governmental regulatory changes taking effect June 2014 are going to force companies to stop using non-geographic premium rate telephone numbers for post sale customer support and as a result; these numbers will need to be replaced with standard rate or freephone numbers...

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