EasyJet Domestic WAN in Germany (Air Berlin) - Tripudio Telecom: Telecoms Services and Call Centre Solutions

Following the successful deployment of a local WAN node in Austria, August 2017, easyJet decided to extend the use Tripudio’s innovative Bonded SIM unit as part of its take over of Air Berlin. Given the security surrounding the then negotiations to acquire prime parts of the bankrupt Air Berlin, the ability to deploy a fully robust WAN/LAN network – without cumbersome and  lengthy delays typical of local PTT’s – the Tripudio solution was a God send. From the point of Agreement with the German Administrators to flight operations, the go-live period was only a matter of weeks – worse installation was scheduled for a peak period over Christmas and New Year, with new flight operations commencing in January 2018.  A fully “one-stop- shop- solution” that included  multi-vendor mobile phone data SIMS, 15 site  WAN gateway units, centralised commissioning, testing and load balancing quickly created an environment which easyJet’s private VPN was laid. The multi sourced SIMs ensured data connectivity (running at speeds upwards of 50Mb) at an economic price point but also ensured diversity of network provider; essential for those times when congestion or outages occur on separate cellular networks.