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UK Numbers

Tripudio can quickly provide local numbers in all major cities and regional towns throughout the UK. Each number can be configured with specialist functionality and routing plans, such as divert on busy, IVR messaging scripts, Out of Office Hours answering or divert to central call centre or head office. We can even email messages to you so that these can be listened to when your staff may be busy on other calls or on the move.

Additionally, geographic routing plans can be added to ensure that regional enquiries can be routed to the nearest office, depot or shop, e.g. calls originating from consumers living within Scotland could be routed to an office in Glasgow, calls originating in the Midlands could be automatically diverted to your Nottingham site and perhaps an office in Reading could take all calls from London and Home counties.

Worried about peaks in call volumes to your UK business number?

No problem. Tripudio can apply sophisticated Disaster Recovery plans, congestion mitigation plans or just hold them in an IVR until such a time that someone is available to handle the enquiry. With over 30,000 concurrent calls being feasible, Tripudio’s Intelligent Network Platform can provide no end of features that best suit your requirements and maximise consumer satisfaction

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