EasyJet PCI-DSS - Tripudio Telecom: Telecoms Services and Call Centre Solutions

easyJet extend use of Tripudio’s Intelligent Network –IVR platform to add full PCI-DSS secure credit card payment functionality. The ever increasing risk of fraud and security breaches are taken very seriously by easyJet and as such they called upon Tripudio to assist in the design and delivery of a new solution. Many parties were involved including clearing banks, payment service providers such as Adyan and external QSA teams to ensure every link in the payment chain was secure, robust and crucially met the exacting standards of card date protection as demand by financial regulators.  This technically complex project was made even more difficult as the solution had to interact with diverse internal IT systems such has their in-house booking engine, Treasury revenue management system, 3rd party outsourcer ACD equipment as well as the Intelligent Network IVR that carries all consumer enquires; upwards of 15,000 calls a day fulfilled by c. 800 agents.