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Call Centre Reporting

Need real-time stats on your contact centre?

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Tripudio’s advanced call centre reporting feature is fully integratable with our client’s existing hardware and software; achieving a ‘quick fix’ without the associated cost and risk factors of ripping out your existing hardware and replacing it with new. Our clients can enjoy monitoring a live dashboard that relays important statistics in real-time, such as the number of calls received per location, the physical number of call-centre agents handling them and their service level, plus lots more.

The Problem

Many of our existing clients have found that it can be difficult or sometimes impossible to monitor their call centres live activity, irrespective of whether their call centre is in-house or outsourced to a third party. It is a key fundamental that businesses understand their call centres activity.

The Solution

Tripudio’s intelligent front end system enables customers to get live stats on each of their call centre sites, as well as collectively monitoring their call centre service levels with easy-to-understand calibrated live metrics.

Instant Change without the Cost

By leveraging our client’s prior investment in staff and hardware, Tripudio are able to fully integrate their Multi-Channel Cloud Communications platform without the need for major new investments in equipment, re-engineering or software.

Business Contingency Plans

Do you receive peaks in call volumes in certain busy periods or when something goes wrong and your customers need to call? As part of Tripudio’s cloud contact centre reporting tools, we are also able to set up business contingency and DR failover plans. By integrating existing systems and channels into a single, centrally managed environment, Tripudio are able to provide consumers with personalised DR failover plans which can be switched-on in real-time to adapt to changing circumstances, with the aim of maintaining high call centre service levels and maximising customer satisfaction.

Power & Scalability

Tripudio’s call centre reporting platform allows for huge scalability, as demanded and demonstrated by some of the largest organisations, with clients including major airlines, local authorities and high street retailers.

Want to learn more about our Advanced Call Centre Reporting tool?

Watch our short animated video which outlines the some of the challenges companies face and how Tripudio’s call centre reporting functionality can help them overcome these issues.