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Screenshot of Buymytrip.com Website

Online Travel Agent BuyMyTrip.com choose Tripudio

Canadian travel experts BuyMyTrip is a fast growing online travel company with a dedicated team with over 30 years experience in travel and an impressive portfolio of hotels and airlines. If you hadn’t noticed already, Tripudio know a thing or two about serving the ...

Asthma Pump User - Asthma UK

Tripudio Breath new Life into Asthma UK’s Phone System

Asthma UK are a large UK based charity who date back to 1927. Asthma UK are focused around the goal of reducing Asthma attacks through their funding of world leading research. Asthma UK are dedicated to supporting people with asthma to reduce their risk of a potentially ...

Voyzant Location from Voyzant.com

Airline Consolidator Voyzant seek help from Tripudio, experts in their field

Voyzant are a market leading Canadian travel bureaux specialising in airline consolidation primarily in the B2B space. Voyzant’s business model is set around three key principles: Seamless Booking Of Unlimited Travel Options, including the choice of over 100 Airline pa...

Costly Fixed PSTN Lines - Leaking Money

As ‘Fixed’ Costs and Line Renal Increases; is it time to move to SIP?

‘Which! Consumer Magazine’ recently reported that major fixed line telecom providers such as BT, Sky and Virgin have increased line rental way ahead of inflation. Some examples show that telephone line rental (PSTN) service providers have inflated their line rental p...


Cloud Based IP Telephony Whitepaper Now Available

Every business, start-up or enterprise, is challenged with increasingly changing working environments. For some, operational budgets are being squeezed for better value for money, whilst seeking to improve resource and technology to meet their expanding objectives. In...