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Shared Cost Numbers

shared-cost-tagShared Cost numbers are billed both to the end consumer and the businesses that utilise them.  This number type is less expensive for the business to use than a traditional free phone number but also cheaper for the consumer to call than a more expensive premium rate number.

Tripudio have been providing businesses with this number type in multiple countries for over 8 years.  Contact a member of our team for advise on Shared Cost Numbers and to receive a price quote.

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Benefits of Shared Cost Numbers

✓ Gives your business or company a professional look and feel.
✓  Gives your business a national presence, even if you’re working from home.
✓  Gives the impression that your company operates on a bigger scale by giving you a national or international presence, which is attractive to customers.
✓  Tripudio can also provide you with the intelligence of call statistics and information, such as call recordings, number of callers and call duration. You can even access these reports online.
✓  Builds confidence in your brand.
✓  Tripudio can provide you with a memorable non-geographic number, so customers never forget your number.
✓  Connect or forward of local or mobile phone numbers instantly.
✓  Peace of mind, knowing your business’ telephony is being taken care of by Tripudio. Any problems? Give us a shout!
✓  No hidden charges or added extras.