Tripudio Breath new Life into Asthma UK’s Phone System Tripudio Breath new Life into Asthma UK’s Phone System

Asthma UK are a large UK based charity who date back to 1927. Asthma UK are focused around the goal of reducing Asthma attacks through their funding of world leading research. Asthma UK are dedicated to supporting people with asthma to reduce their risk of a potentially life threatening asthma attack

Tripudio Telecom were recently awarded the contract to replace all telephony services in their central London head office near busy Shoreditch in E1.

Asthma UK LogoWhilst needing to replace a Cisco IP Telephony system that had fulfilled a purpose, but reached the end of its life, Asthma UK wanted a flexible cloud based solution that would effectively manage their back office administration team and also provide call centre functionality for their critical care nursing team of healthcare professionals.

Tripudio’s ability to co-exist with an incumbent metropolitan fibre provider running 100Mb access into site was a major advantage, as too was their ability to quickly deliver a robust and future proof solution.

Underpinning the pitch to Asthma UK was Tripudio’s exemplary track record and capability in support of ‘all things customer experience’ by delivering a complete multichannel solution, which included the provision of a fully integrated PCI-DSS compliant payment system, which is particularly essential to aid the secure transactions for donations they receive on the web.

Tripudio also assisted in the delivery of CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Tools) and Social Media sentiment and statistic wall boards; which allows their social media and marketing teams to efficiently connect with service users and supporters all over the country, which is essential in Asthma’s desire to enhance the way it supports people with Asthma, interacts with donors and execute funding campaigns.

Asthma Pump User - Asthma UK

To make a donation to Asthma UK or to find out more about what they do, visit: Asthma UK’s Website.