Weight Watchers Provide Cheaper Calls for Customers Weight Watchers Provide Cheaper Calls for Customers

Weight Watchers are a globally recognised household name and are one of the largest (no pun intended) players in weight loss management and support, nutrition and healthy eating.

Weight Watchers Logo - Tripudio ClientIn line with their most busiest time of the year, with everyone’s best intensions to become healthier in January, Weight Watchers made a key financial decision and swapped their existing customer services support telephone number out in replacement of a brand new 0330 number supplied by Tripudio.

By replacing their previous 084x customer services number with the new 0330 prefix, Weight Watchers’ customers are able to benefit from free calls from both mobile and landlines as 0330 numbers are inclusive in most mobile call packages and are charged at the ‘standard national rate’.

As part of the new change, Weight Watchers customer support calls are now being answered in locations such as Fiji, South Africa and Australia. Tripudio’s advanced ACD features gave Weight Watchers the ability to dynamically load balance calls between three off-shore call centres without jeopardising call quality, which was a major financial advantage to them.


Tripudio worked together with Weight Watchers’ current 3rd party call centre and as such, the transition from old 084x to new 0330 number was quick and painless. Furthermore, Weight Watchers’ customers can enjoy cheaper calls and are non-the-wiser to any of the technical work that has happened in the background.

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