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Premium Rate Numbers

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Registering with PhonePayPlus & setting up a Premium Rate Service

In some situations businesses may wish to use a Revenue Generative, or ‘Premium Rate’ telephone number to earn revenue from calls in return for offering a specialist helpline, for example: technical support, directory enquiry or voting lines. Typically, consumers can...


Buy Local & International Telephone Numbers Online

Tripudio are excited to announce the launch of their new and improved website, featuring all new ‘self-service’ numbers pages, which allow you, business owners to select, configure and purchase local and international business telephone numbers online, in three simpl...


0300 Numbers Explained – Video

Governmental regulatory changes taking effect June 2014 are going to force companies to stop using non-geographic premium rate telephone numbers for post sale customer support and as a result; these numbers will need to be replaced with standard rate or freephone numbers...


Government Cuts Premium Rate Numbers – Replace with 0300 Numbers

Forthcoming regulatory changes are going to force companies to stop using non-geographic 084, 087 and 090 premium rate telephone numbers for post sales customer support; ho...


Buy Premium Rate Numbers – Revenue Generative Calls for Your Business

Premium rate numbers are often referred to as revenue generative telephone numbers and as such the caller is typically charged at a higher rate than normal to make the call. Some of the revenue generated from the call charge is paid to you, the business owner, which allo...


How To Give Your Company a National Presence

Let’s say you’re the business owner of a company who supply services to businesses across the UK, or maybe you run a successful Ecommerce business and you ship goods to customers throughout the UK, or even internationally. Your business may not be limited to the spec...