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International Numbers

Delivering telephony solutions across an international arena is a complex and time consuming task. Tripudio have been providing international business network connectivity for over 8 years. Looking for a shared cost number in Poland, or a free-phone number in Slovenia, or maybe just a Berlin city code number? Contact a member of our international solutions team who will be able to advise and guide you through this difficult process.

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Buy International City Numbers & International Premium Rate Telephone Numbers

Tripudio can quickly provide local numbers in all major cities throughout the world.  Each number can be configured with specialist functionality and routing plans, such as divert on busy, IVR messaging scripts, Out of Office Hours answering or divert to central Call Centre or Head Office. We can even email messages to you so that these can be listened to when you and your staff may be on the move.

Need to open a new office in a foreign country but don’t want the expensive and hassle? How about using one of our geographic or ‘virtual presence’ numbers, which will allow you, for example, to take calls from Switzerland and Austria and get them answered by staff in Germany or get your customers in Australia, UK and USA answered in South Africa. Whatever your problem, we have a solution for you. Multiple dial plans are easy to set-up and manage using our unified on-line web tools; quickly with high quality and cost effectively.

Worried about peaks in call volumes to your International Numbers?

Tripudio can apply sophisticated load balancing plans across multiple call centres or offices to ensure that all consumer calls are captured, correctly segmented and answered by your best skilled agent or staff member. Disaster Recovery plans, congestion mitigation plans and a hugely functionally rich IVR/ Auto Attended system can all be added without protracted design and provisioning delays typical of the large telecoms and domestic PTT’s companies such as BT, Verizon and Telstra.

With over 30,000 concurrent calls feasible on Tripudio’s Intelligent Network Platform, we can provide no end of features that best suit your requirements and maximise consumer satisfaction.

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