As ‘Fixed’ Cost Line Renal Increases; is it time to move to SIP? As ‘Fixed’ Cost Line Renal Increases; is it time to move to SIP?

‘Which! Consumer Magazine’ recently reported that major fixed line telecom providers such as BT, Sky and Virgin have increased line rental way ahead of inflation. Some examples show that telephone line rental (PSTN) service providers have inflated their line rental prices between 45% and 64% since 2008. Come 1st December, you will be hit with yet another rise in cost to monthly line rental – With this in mind, some businesses should ask themselves: “is it time to switch to SIP?” – a cheaper, more flexible and intelligent telephony option.

Line rental costs vs inflation

Line rental costs vs inflation. Courtesy of

PSTN remains a popular choice for many UK businesses. Traditionally, PSTN voice services are an easy, ‘tried and tested’ and robust telephony option, but ‘easy’ and ‘robust’ can also mean that PSTN isn’t as intelligent and expandable as newer voice technologies.

SIP Trunking provides many benefits to companies and allows the replacement of traditional PSTN telephone lines with connectivity via a reliable SIP trunk over standard broadband. So guess what this means?… A reduction in costly line rental and inflated service charges! SIP Trunks do not require renewal or rental, with priced from as little as £5.00 per month from Tripudio Telecom, as well as getting much cheaper phone calls!

As well as offering significant cost-savings for business enterprises by eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways and costly ISDN or PRIs; SIP Trucks also have many other advantages over fixed PSTN lines. Depending on your available Internet bandwidth, more SIP trunks can be easily purchased to quickly meet the demand of your staffing and business operations. There is no need to add more hardware or circuits. VoIP and cloud based IP Telephony scales up or down easily and quickly, depending on the needs of your business, providing advanced features as standard, such as: Load Balancing and easy divert to other numbers or sites, e.g. mobiles or home office for remote workers, as well as providing “big business” functions such as network IVR, call recording and contact centre type functionality.

So if you have already invested in a solid broadband connection into your office with reliable upload and download speeds, why not look into harnessing the power of the Internet and handle over voice calls over SIP? – It may be easier than you think! More information on Tripudio’s hosted IP telephony and SIP Trunk options is available in our recent Whitepaper.

By David Bell