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Let’s say you’re the business owner of a company who supply services to businesses across the UK, or maybe you run a successful Ecommerce business and you ship goods to customers throughout the UK, or even internationally. Your business may not be limited to the specific location of your company headquarters, so why give the impression that your business is smaller than it really is?

You’re probably using a ‘local’ UK telephone number given to you by your telephone service provider and you’re presumably advertising that number on your website. This telephone number will localise your business to that one specific area, for example; businesses in Reading, Berkshire and the surrounding area will use a 0118 number. Some small businesses are even advertising their mobile number as their main point of contact, this doesn’t portray a good image and could possibly damage the customer’s trust in a company.

Non Geographic NumbersSolution: Use a non-geographic number

A 0843, 0844 or 0845 number will give your business a national presence as your area code will not be shown. These numbers are not a completely separate number to replace your original number; they work in conjunction with your existing number, so you can still use the original number if you feel the need to.

Make it something Memorable

By opting to use a ’08’ number, you have the luxury of selecting your own telephone number, so most businesses choose a memorable number that sticks with their customers. You’ll typically pay a slightly higher premium for a memorable 08 number.

Other benefits of 08 numbers

Other than being able to conceal your true phone number, 08 numbers come with a range of other perks, such as being able to restrict calls to certain business hours, divert calls to any number of your choice, record personalised greetings and more.

You can even earn revenue from calls to perhaps support the cost of your call operating staff using a 0844 number. Or you can increase conversion by encouraging your customers to call you using a free phone 0800 number.

By David Bell