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Premium rate numbers are often referred to as revenue generative telephone numbers and as such the caller is typically charged at a higher rate than normal to make the call. Some of the revenue generated from the call charge is paid to you, the business owner, which allows companies to subsidise the cost of their call centre, sales and customer service teams, whilst the rest is kept by the local Telecom provider to cover the physical cost of carrying the call.

Premium Rate Numbers Explained by Tripudio

What are the benefits of Premium Rate Numbers?

0844, 0871 and 0900 premium rate numbers give businesses a professional national presence as the associated area code is not shown. Calls to premium rate numbers are routed in exactly the same way as any normal number, except more advance features can be added*. You keep your existing number, which can be a landline or mobile here in the UK or abroad – and any incoming calls are merely delivered onto it.  This is important as no technical changes are needed to your existing telephone contract or PBX phone system. Equally, you can still make outbound calls from your original number and take calls directly on your original phone number as required.

The Benefits of Premium Rate Numbers

Setting up a Premium Rate Number

Tripudio have been advising and supplying international businesses with premium rate numbers for over eight years, to clients such as American Airlines, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Columbus Insurance, easyJet and Wizz Air. Configuring premium rate numbers, particularly internationally, can often be a complex puzzle to resolve, so feel free contact a member of our team who will be able to talk you through lots of useful information, such as the monthly rebate you can potentially gain from your revenue generative number and we will help you find the best premium-rate phone line solution for your business.

Free added features with Premium Rate Numbers from Tripudio

*When you buy a premium rate number, whether it be an 0844, 0871 or 0900 from Tripudio, you can also benefit from a range of other features all manageable from an online client portal, including: a divert on busy function, (ideal for travelling staff and employees), load balancing features (manage your calls across multiple delivery points/offices), diverse routing paths (great for DR plans) as well as a full series of management information reports such as call logs and the ability to add, change or delete IVR voice messages on an ad-hoc basis, plus lots more!

By David Bell
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