What does Tripudio Do? - Watch our Video What does Tripudio Do? - Watch our Video

Working strictly Business to business, Tripudio design, deliver and operate global call centre solutions to our wide range of clients handling high volumes of inbound voice calls, both domestically and internationally. In reality, we do a lot more that ‘it says on the tin’ and tailor make bespoke solutions around each of our clients individual telecom and contact centre requirements.

Started in 2005, our staff and management team are dedicated to supporting all things call centre. We have summarized our products and services in an easy-to-digest 3.5 minute video.

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Tripudio… Global telecom solutions delivered locally

What does Tripudio do?

Advanced call centre reporting

Independent, real time visibility of what’s happing in your contact centre, incorporating multiple country markets

Monitor your service levels in each of your international markets

Monitor your combined service level as a whole even if some agent fulfilment is provided in-house and some off-shore or outsourced

Monitor your call centre operatives availability in a completely virtualised agent pool irrespective of their location

Handle your customer service via social media?

As well as voice, we can facilitate the delivery of a blended, multi-channel customer experience

Allowing you to Monitor multiple social channels

Gain Real time social insight and react accordingly

As well as being able to Optimise Social Engagement dynamically

Business consultancy 

As an independent aggregator of telecom services we can design, deliver and operate, best in class solutions that match YOUR needs whilst retaining your proven systems and assets… so solutions can be on the deck, hybrid or in the cloud

Unbiased advice

Already using services from the following suppliers, or others… No problem

We don’t automatically replace them, instead we align the delivery of a new solution and retain any your existing infrastructure… Offering Low Risk, Less Outlay, Less Redundancy, More Resiliency

Tripudio – global call centre solutions 

Growing your business overseas or looking to consolidate call centres internationally?

Receiving over 10,000 voice calls each day?…. We can help

We offer High Volume Inbound Voice Calling….with cost effective call collection In over 150 countries internationally

We provide disaster recovery plans….

It would be great to think everything always worked, and technically it often does, but when things do go wrong and you receive an influx of calls due to of adverse weather issues, staff shortages, or power outages…

We help balance the load, instantly and without hassle

With a proven track record, having worked with some of the largest organisations…

Already outsourced your Contact Centre to a 3rd party BPO? Including…

  • Teleperformance
  • Serco
  • Sitel

But Do you know what is really happening to your calls once they reach the call centre?

And how good is their DR capability, should they encounter an unexpected problem…

Don’t worry…. Let our International Routing Platform oversee and enhance your disaster recovery plan

Just talk to Tripudio… Global telecommunication solutions