Tripudio and Cognia Secure PCI-DSS Partnership Agreement Tripudio and Cognia Secure PCI-DSS Partnership Agreement

Any business or organisation that stores, processes or transmits payment card information must ensure that any data is managed and stored in line with the rules laid out by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). This is particularly a growing headache for contact centres as traditional solutions and methods currently used by many companies can leave call centres exposed to risk and failure to comply with PCI-DSS that can prove costly and damaging for both brand and customer experience.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

Tripudio have recently signed a formal teaming agreement with Cognia to take to market a cloud based PCI-DSS compliant solution which removes risk in payment transactions and provides seamless and secure DTMF live agent payment processing, automated payment processing (IVR), agent monitoring and legacy archive data storage and cleansing.

Following market analysis and end-to-end testing, Tripudio has imbedded Cognia’s market leading technology into its international network infrastructure. Already well established in over 100 top finance and commercial enterprises, the Cognia solution is proven technology aimed at reducing risk whilst enhancing customer experience.

In general, most business’ e-commerce platforms should already be compliant but unfortunately it is the call centre where you are likely to fall short. The Tripudio solution thereby addresses the unique attributes of diverse, multi-location agent pools, SME or even home users in a simple and cost effective way.

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