Maintaining Relationships with Customers Via Call Centres | Tripudio Maintaining Relationships with Customers Via Call Centres | Tripudio

In this video recorded at Internet Retailing’s Jumpstart Event (Tower 42 London – 5th June 2013), our Commercial Director Jonathan Collard talks about taking the relationship with your customer from the web into a much more direct environment – the call centre.

Transcription of Video Introduction

My name’s Jonathan Collard I work for Tripudio, a telecoms company and dare I say it, after all the visionary, engaging, customer centric environments that we’ve been hearing about today, I do feel a little inferior, however what I’m going to talk to you about is equally critical – once you build a relationship with a customer, or you’ve gone at it with a great online strategy; you really need to then make sure that that customer stays with you and is happy. I am a great believer that customer service is still the key to reinforcing your brand and brand stickiness is still something that sticks with us (no pun indented) for many, many years. It’s one of those things that induces loyalty, creates trust and by definition creates more incremental sales and growth. It is a key constituent factor that everyone should be looking at purely because “guest what”, the competition is getting bigger, so consolidation of the market really means: once you’ve got a customer, you really want to try and keep a hold of them. So unfortunately I’m going to talk about slightly old and boring stuff… call centres.