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With many companies outsourcing their call centres to third parties or actively trying to virtualize multiple sites with sometimes disparate ACD equipment, the problem they face is that it can often be difficult or even impossible to monitor the true live reports on their service levels.

Tripudio can provide an intelligent front end system that enables them to get live stats on each site, as well as collectively monitoring their call centre service levels with easy-to-understand calibrated live metrics.

The company retains their past investment in staff and hardware, but leverage better management information, without a need for major new investments in equipment, process re-engineering or software.

Our short animated video helps explain the certain challenges faced by companies and the solution Tripudio can supply.

Video Transcription

So everybody knows that traditional telephony is a great way to support your customer’s enquiries.

As a good businessperson, you’ve probably already realised that consolidating your local and international calls from key markets is a good way of providing great support at a low price.

But the chances are you could be receiving multiple report formats, perhaps in different languages and probably achieving differing service levels. Plus, some customer feedback just doesn’t seem to match what these reports are saying.

Oh boy! So some of your customers are beginning to get angry and you’re not 100% happy with your call centre service level, but you just can’t figure out where the problem is and how to make it better?

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if you could independently monitor your call centre performance and have the ability to easily add new service tools that enhance customer experience whenever you want?

Kinda like a ‘live dashboard’ that shows you important info, such as the all the calls received per location, the number of agents handling them and their Service Level, see where customers are getting lost in IVR call trees as well as being able to easily audit call recordings whenever you want without the call centre looking at them first?

Well…Tripudio could be the answer to your problems.

Tripudio provide global telecommunication and call centre solutions to a broad range of clients both domestically and internationally.

They know the value of giving excellent customer experience…and you can too. So make it happen now, easily, cost effectively and without having change your existing call centre provider or even buying lots of new fancy stuff. Just talk to Tripudio.