easyJet switch to new 0330 number with Tripudio | Tripudio easyJet switch to new 0330 number with Tripudio | Tripudio

easyJet, one of Europe’s largest airlines and longstanding Tripudio clients went live with Tripudio’s new 0330 number as of April 2014.

The swap from 0843 to 0330 complies with the recent governmental regulatory changes and further demonstrates easyJet’s desire to deliver a high level of consumer support.

easyjet0330 telephone numbers are a non-geographic alternative to chargeable 0843 numbers. Calls to easyJet’s historical 0843 were charged at 5 pence per minute, whereas calls to 03 numbers cost the same amount as dialling a standard UK 01 or 02 landline phone number, which are included in most mobile and landline call packages.

Need to reach easyJet’?

If you need to reach easyJet in the UK, the easyJet customer service team is available between 08:00 and 20:00 (UK local) 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Every business in the UK currently using 08 numbers will have to follow easyJet’s example and swap to 0330 numbers for customer support phone lines by June this year. Contact Tripudio to talk to one of our team about the 03 number range.

Click here to visit easyJet’s contact us page.