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Infosys, a major multinational provider of  information technology solutions, business consulting, software engineering and outsourcing services today went live on Tripudio’s mobile toll bypass platform to help avoid the excessive costs charged by mobile operators to make international calls.

Infosys LogoWith over 160,000 staff located in 67 offices across Australia, US, Canada, India, China, Japan, Middle East, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Poland there is high dependency on inter-site communications within Infosys, many calls of which are made via mobile phones.

Excessive Mobile Roaming Charge

Mobile Operators charge excessively to make International Calls

Despite recent EU directives to drive down roaming fees, mobile phone operators such as O2, EE and Vodafone still charge excessive costs to make international calls when compared to equivalent landline services. As a result, a number of alternative SIM card providers such as Giff-Gaff and WorldSIM have launched products that undercut the price of the main stream providers, but these services require the consumer to switch SIM cards in their mobile phone handset.

Toll bypass service by Tripudio

Tripudio’s toll by-pass service employs the same massively discounted pricing and call quality as alternative SIM card providers, but without the need to either modify your handset or lose your original telephone number! Even better, there is no change to your current contract and larger companies with a greater number of employees can still enjoy corporate features such as per second billing, by business units and collective volume discounts. For example; Infosys typically make a high volume of calls to India, a notoriously expensive destination. Tripudio not only provided a massive discount to its existing tariff but also enabled users across multiple countries to enjoy exactly the same rate, even though their mobile phone contracts were sourced from different air time providers.Tripudio vs BT for Calls to India

By David Bell