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Germanwings upgrade to Tripudio’s Intelligent Network to load balance calls

As a long standing customer, germanwings relies upon Tripudio to assist in times of crisis or growth with equal professionalism. Having chosen to move their call centre fulfilment to a new 3rd party BPO, germanwings were left with a problem of how to migrate calls from one site to another without risk of losing vital customer calls or interrupting service. The requirement was further complicated as the phase out of supplier A to supplier B would take place over 5 months and will include the busy Christmas period, a time of year renown for weather related delays and always emotionally charged with festive spirit.  However the answer was easy; Tripudio just upgraded all their inbound passenger services and sales lines onto our cloud platform, hereby enabling calls to be intercepted, queued and directed to each site based upon availability of skills in each location be that language, staff on duty or time of day.  This solution was then programmed to automatically separate calls based upon a predefined % spilt of calls between each BPO vendor, to ensure contractual commitments were met. Best of all, not a single customer call was affected and the inbound callers were completely unaware where and by whom their call was being answered, thereby maintaining a uniform level of Customer Experience.