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Promethean is a multimillion pound global supplier of integrated Audio Visual technology, such as electronic white boards and over head projector equipment to schools, business and governmental institutions.

Promethean Interactive Whitebaord

Scope of Requirements

With the company’s international expansion plans continuing, there was a need to enhance the coordination of direct sales, technical support and maintenance enquires. Importantly, this inbound call centre function needed to be provided at an optimum cost point and ideally, from a single source. This was proving to be very difficult as country coverage included markets as diverse as Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and USA.

Tripudio provided in-country ‘local rate’ numbers and 0800 toll-free numbers in all of Promethean’s markets with the added benefit of saving time and admin costs with a uniform single source contract.

Solution Provided

Tripudio were able to leverage its worldwide PTT carrier relationships and supply a unified technical solution using local low cost number and 0800 toll-free numbers in all markets. Critically, for Promethean these numbers were implemented very quickly using a single project manager with minimal operational disruption.

Financial Benefits

Promethean are now enjoying very attractive price points and a robust service infrastructure. Multiple vendor management with different operations support, billing and complex tariff structures was replaced and internal admin significantly eased; all made possible by Tripudio’s uniform and single source contract.

Consumer Benefits

Promethean’s customers can easily gain access to telephone based support to handle their technical set-up questions, manage warranty claims and administer product returns without having to pay for an international telephone call.