Crown Golf Group - Tripudio Telecom: Telecoms Services and Call Centre Solutions

Crown Golf contracted for new services ranging from a brand new centralised call handling platform using Aspect Zipwire hosted ACD as well as remote connectivity using an innovative Bonded SIM solution.

  • The Aspect ACD system will help alleviate pressure on its 23 golf course sites, whilst enabling better and more dynamic call management of event enquires for subjects as diverse as venue hire for weddings, business meeting and hospitality.
  • As you can imagine, some golf courses are located in pretty remote areas and getting basic telephony and date services to site – which are often miles from nearest telecom PoP – is a challenge and usually very expensive. The use of a Bonded SIM solution has allowed a substantial upgrade of network capacity using 3G/4G wireless radio spectrum of speeds up to 100Mb quickly and with high QoS assurity but without  the costs of expensive lease lines and wayleaves ductwork needing to be dug at the prestigious Hampton Court course.   This “final mile” cost can often be in the region of £10,000 to £50,000 per dig as well as cause massive physical disruption on site. Our wireless system eradicates the need for such work as well as providing a high resilient multi-vendor (using SIMS from O2, EE and Vodafone) network connectivity at speed up to 500Mb.